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Thank you for taking the time to look at my new website, here you will find pictures of my Dogue’s and also puppies I have bred. My passion for these Dogue’s has inspired me to create this website so that I can share my knowledge and experience with you.

I have studied this breed for many years and travelled miles in order to find excellence in my bloodlines, my hard work and research was finally rewarded when I found Brandoux Ambassador (Louie), a champion of champions.

My Dogue De Bordeaux are amazing as much as they are unique. I've tailored bloodlines to create my own type of Dogue De Bordeaux that I love! With this in mind and having exclusivity in the UK I am able to give you top quality Dogue De Bordeaux’s for family pets or show dogs.

Brandoux Ambassador who was a legend in his own right and was a multi champion many times over, don’t listen to the ignorant and the jealous. Louie has produced big heads, big bone, dark reds and true to type Bordeaux’s with excellent temperaments. With his massive head which measured a staggering 32” and height to the shoulder was 28”, he has produced champions, his offspring speak for themselves. I am honoured to have this bloodline, no other Bordeaux in history has won as much as Louie has achieved in Ireland. With this in mind my search was over, I was confident that I could not find a better bloodline to produce my pups.
Sadly Brandoux Ambassador passed away in July 2008, and I was privileged to have had the last mating before this tragedy.

I have continued my journey to improve my bloodlines using the BEST dogues in the WORLD, this has been a very emotional time as all my time and efforts go into each mating not to mention expense, fertility treatment and tests are carried out on both the males and the females months prior to each mating. It is crucial that all my dogues are kept warm, clean and are in a happy environment, there diet is the best and no matter how much it costs my dogues have the VERY BEST, cutting corners is not heard of, The hard work never stops. The quality I am producing is known all over the world as many of my babies are now placed in show homes abroad and are currently doing very well in the show ring. The very best show is of course here in England " CRUFTS "

Donnajay Mirage aka Ruby a litter sister to my home girls Sasha and Brandy who are the late Brandoux Ouzoux daughters was placed 2nd at Crufts 2011.

Donnajay Temptress aka Paris A daughter to World Champion Moby De Legeane came 1st in junior female at crufts 2012. Paris is being shown all over the world by owner Mathew Baker having very good results.

I have been privileged to have 2 litters from the late Moby De Legeane, the offspring have the De Legeane type which he places on all his progeny.

Chien Douceur Narniac Del Dromorez was resident at my kennels on stud duty after he won his class at Crufts 2009, I have used this magnificent male and he sure has the De Legeanne stamp on his progeny. I have an amazing female from him called Donnajay Private Dancer aka Jess.

Then the summer of 2011 I achieved what no one else has ever done before in England, after a telephone conversation to Alain Van Staeyen at ( REDFORCE) kennels in Belgium, he had agreed he liked the type and whole structure of my Sasha, he agreed for me to use GABILLA !!!!!! I drove my Pride and Joy Sasha to Belgium only having 24 hours maximum to mate her, she had ovulated and this meant I had to go straight away, Me and my baby started the long journey when we finally got there we where introduced the King GABILLA, I was amazed that I had been given this GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY to use this magnificent male at stud. Once the mating had taken place me and Sasha stayed in a hotel for the evening and started the long journey home again.....

I was on tender hooks for 5 weeks, I wanted to scream it from the roof tops as many people would love to be given this chance and I had it. I couldn't sleep at night with excitement, I could see over the weeks her body stared to form, when i scanned her there they were, SASHA WAS PREGNANT!!!!!! I REMEMBER I COULDN'T STOP CRYING i was over the moon.

When the babies were born Alain drove to my home and took a male and a female back to REDFORCE KENNELS in Belgium, what an achievement for me.

I am so proud of my dogues they are MY LIFE!! I LOVE THEM ALL!! EACH ONE HAS THERE OWN PERSONALITY!! MY CHILDREN LOVE THEM we are all one big HAPPY family....

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