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Dogue de Bordeaux

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Dogue de Bordeaux

Hello I'm Donna Jay a certified 5 star licensed breeder/producer of Dogue de Bordeaux, situated in the rural countryside of Staffordshire. I have owned and loved this giant breed for over 11 years now and I'd like to share with you what I've achieved single handedly purely for the love I hold for the breed.

I love what I do and my dogs and 2 sons are my life!  The excellence I've achieved in following my heart to produce what I see as old school Dogue de Bordeaux is evident in the the puppies I've produced and are still aiming to produce better with each litter, being a perfectionist I'm my own worst critique, i devote everyday to them 365 days a year, I never take days off nor do I take holidays! I live and breath my dogs,

Everyone who visits me compliment how clean and well kept they are, None are locked away they have paddocks to run in but most choose to laze around most the day, after all who wants to be locked away all day I certainly wouldn't!! All my DOGUES are well socialised, I'm a strong believer in this as it's crucial for them to get along with other animals from a young age as they don't stay small for long.

The bloodlines I have most are EXCLUSIVE to Donna Jay in the UK!! I have searched world wide and over the years tailored my bloodlines uniquely so I stand out from the crowd, take a look at the pictures they speak volumes!! Having studied fertility treatment to ensure my DOGUES are healthy from inside out there is no length I won't go to to produce nothing less than EXCELLENCE in my babies, I produce for type, confirmation, structure and movement and a longer healthy life as I've noticed some of the Bordeauxs when bred incorrectly are dying young!!! This is horrifying I put 110% in weather they leave me as family pets or ***TOP QUALITY*** show dogs, please check out my show news for all information on the many wins there achieving world wide,

I have never been interested in showing as my love drives me to Produce that's what I excel in..... Some of us are show men personally I prefer to create nothing less than very best and more and more show homes are contacting me as my DOGUES are winning. Over the years with all the customer feed back I've realised watching my babies grow and seeing pictures of them as fully developed adults they are true to type Bordeauxs!! Although they may not be related they are all ***consistent and Healthy***. This doesn't come over night it's years and years of experience and that's what I have under my belt. I've spent many sleepless nights, shed many tears and no expense is spared when it comes to maintaining the condition in my DOGUES. I want to share with you all my hard work and how it's now paying off, having many top 3 places in the biggest dog show in the world Crufts.

I have many top kennels from different countries contacting me for my sort after bloodlines and inquiries are coming in daily for my babies as they are unique and it shows. So please feel free to browse through my website and see for yourself,

Customer feedback is very important to me because how can anyone improve their standards without taking into account customers feelings, opinions, thoughts and ideas?

When any of Donnajays dogs retire from breeding or stud duties they ALL stay here with me and live the rest if their lives in luxury, not ALL my females are used for breeding If it doesn't suit them they are spayed and this has been done more than once I PUT THE DOG FIRST!!! After all they DON'T ask to come to you we choose them,

*** A DOG IS FOR LIFE *** I mean that in every sense of the word.

Warm Regards


Dogue de Bordeaux Dogue de Bordeaux


Here you will find information about my current Males including pedigree information and photo’s.


Here you will find information about my current Females including pedigree information….

Dogue de Bordeaux


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